Public Land Survey System

Humboldt Meridian

The Initial Point for the Humboldt Principal Meridian survey lies on the summit of Mount Pierce in 40°25'02"N latitude, 124°07'10"W longitude. The Humboldt meridian extends both north and south from the Initial Point, terminating at the California-Oregon border at its northern extent, and terminating at a point on the California coast approximately around Shelter Cove, California at its southern extent. The controlling base line for the Humboldt Meridian extends east and west from the Initital Point, terminating at the Pacific Ocean in the west, and terminating at the western boundary of Township 30 North, Range 12 West of the lands controlled by the Mount Diablo principal meridian. The Humboldt Meridian and base line control all land surveys in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties in California. Survey townships were run east and west of the meridian, and ranges were run north and south of the controlling base line.