Public Land Survey System

Huntsville Meridian

The Huntsville Meridian originates at a point along the Alabama-Tennessee border, and stretches south to control all land surveys in the northern district of Alabama. The principal base line for the Huntsville Meridian survey is the Alabama-Tennessee state line. The Initial Point for the Huntsville Meridian lies at 34°59’27”N latitude, 86°34’16”W longitude. From this point the meridian streches southward to 33°06’20”N latitude (the northern boundary of the Saint Stephens Meridian territory). The Huntsville Meridian controls all public land surveys in the northern district of Alabama. A street called Meridian Street in Huntsville, Alabama coincides with the Huntsville Meridian for most of its length north of highway US-72. The initial point of the Huntsville Meridian was resurveyed in 1977 by the Alabama Society of Professional Land Surveyors, but this marker has since been paved over and is no longer visible. Ranges were run south of the Alabama-Tennessee border, and survey townships were run both east and west of the Huntsville Meridian.