Public Land Survey System

Navajo Meridian

The Navajo Meridian is the smaller of the two principal meridians for Arizona—the other being the Gila-Salt River Meridian. The Initial Point for the Navajo Meridian sits in 35°44’56”N latitude, 108°31’59”W longitude, on the eastern border of the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. The Navajo meridian and base line were run to survey townships and ranges in a special survey of the original Navajo Reservation, east of the Hopi Reserve. The Navajo reservation survey encompasses Townships 1-14 North of Ranges 6 to 10 West. The original survey extended lands governed by the Navajo principal meridian into northwestern New Mexico, however, this portion of the Navajo Reservation (in New Mexico) has been resurveyed under the New Mexico principal meridian. There is an unmarked, rugged boulder surrounded by a small stone enclosure marking this Initial Point.