Public Land Survey System

Uintah Meridian

The Uintah Meridian was established in 1875, and governs all PLSS surveys in the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservations in the state of Utah. The Uintah Meridian roughly covers the territory between T1N and T11S, and between R6W and R20W of the Salt Lake Meridian survey. Survey townships were run north and south of the principal base line, and ranges were run to both the east and west of the meridian. Fractional townships and sections exist along the border of the Uintah Meridian and the Salt Lake Meridian territories due to the irregularity of the indian reservation survey. Sections were subdivided into 40-acre allotments. The General Allotment Act of 1887 gave Indians an opportunity to claim a 20 - 160 acre allotment on a reservation. In 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt opened up the Indian lands to private settlement at $1.25 per acre.