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Congress Lands North of Old Seven Ranges

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Congress Lands North of the Old Seven Ranges tract is bounded by the Ohio-Pennsylvania border on the east, the base line of the Old Seven Ranges (Geographer's Line) and the Greenville Treaty Line on the south, the eastern border of the lands South and East of the First Principal Meridian survey on the west, and the southern border of the Connecticut Western Reserve in the north. This land was surveyed by the federal government between 1801-1807. The townships and ranges follow the numbering set forth in the Old Seven Ranges survey with townships being numbered south to north relative to the Ohio River. Like townships in the Old Seven Ranges, townships are all designated as being west of the Ohio-Pennsylvania border, and adjacent townships do not always share the same number designation due to the meandering of the Ohio River. Townships were subdivided into sections as per the Public Land Act of 1796.