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Survey History And Land Descriptions

Ohio officially became a state on March 1st but interested parties had already been recording land surveys there for 20 years-since the first PLSS ordinance of 1785-and would not finish until the early 1820s. Ohio was surveyed and sold by a multitude of parties including the federal government, private individuals, and by two other states, Connecticut and Virginia. Not only were different parts of the state surveyed by different groups, but parts of the state were surveyed at different times depending on when land was acquired from native American tribes, the French, or private individuals. Due to these discrepancies, Ohio was divided into different "surveys" or "districts." Ohio also includes a number of smaller land grants, used for a variety of purposes which include the Refugee Tract, the Moravian Indian Grants, French Grants, Zane's Tracts, Canal Lands, School Lands, and University Lands. For more information on any of Ohio's land districts, click on any of the land divisions listed below.

County List